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SensorSimple TEMP Evaluation Devices

Jul 12, 2018 8:05:00 AM / by RI Guy

Are you interested in a wireless temperature alarm?  Would you like to receive email, text, and/or voice alerts, but only for REAL problems? Would it be helpful if the product is so easy to install tools are not required and it takes only seconds to set up and configure? Do you think that robust temperature graphing features with user defined alert parameters would be useful?  

When we planned the new SensorSimple solution at RI, we wanted to combine the latest advancements in IoT sensors with a robust Cloud monitoring application.  We have offered a preview of this approach in previous posts, but now we are pleased to announce SensorSimple TEMP-WiFi and SensorSimple Cloud are now available for a select number of free product evaluations.  While both products have already undergone extensive development and testing, it is the various user experiences that we would like to evaluate for future changes, enhancements and upgrades.  The initial Cloud experience will offer SMS and Email alerting, a range of graphing functions with various reporting and configurable dashboard features.

The quantity of product available for this free evaluation period is very limited, so if you would like to receive a free SensorSimple TEMP-WiFi product with one year free Cloud Pro Monitoring included, make you request below.  We will select users based on differing experiences in market segments.  If you are not selected for this initial evaluation you will be recorded in our database for upcoming promotions which will include free products and exclusive product discounts.  You are not signing up for any service or contract, just 1 year free Cloud Pro account and 1 free TEMP-WiFi device.

Coming soon will be free evaluations of our SensorSimple TEMP-LoRa product.  If you are wondering what the difference is between WiFi and LoRa, let me unpack that in general terms.  WiFi is a great solution for a small network of sensors, 10 or less, in which WiFi is available where your sensors will be located.  LoRa is a great solution where WiFi is either unavailable or off limits.  Also, LoRa is the only solution for medium to large sensor networks with long range distance requirements.  WiFi range is typically 100' or less depending on wireless conditions.  LoRa range is in the hundreds of feet up to miles depending on wireless conditions.

Upcoming news, The full SensorSimple website will be live Monday July 16. 

To apply for a free year of Cloud Pro and 1 free TEMP-WiFi device click the button below,

Request a Free TEMP-WiFi Evaluation Device

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