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SensorSimple Serving Seniors

Jan 7, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by RI Guy

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There is a local non profit organization in our community that provides daily meals for the Seniors in our community, Meals on Wheels.  The meals are delivered by caring volunteers who are in many cases not just providing food but also serve as a well being check on individuals who are totally alone and don't have any other visitors.  In some instances the food delivered by Meals on Wheels is the only food they have that day, and yet it happens often that a senior will write a letter of thanks not only for the meal, but more importantly for the conversation a volunteer provided.  

As we were nearing the end of field testing for our newest product solution, SensorSimple, I was made aware of a food loss event that happened with the walk in freezer at the Meals on Wheels kitchen facility.  The walk in freezer door popped open after hours, and when staff arrived in the morning everything had to be thrown out.  With food loss prevention being one of the main objectives the SensorSimple solution provides I could not envision a more important place to utilize our solution than Meals on Wheels. 

I met with Christi Skibbins, the Executive Director for Meals on Wheels Yolo County, and made her an offer she couldn't refuse, SensorSimple sensors and Cloud monitoring at no charge.  Christi told me that they "prepare over 80,000 meals every year."  Food loss events have a significant impact on the organization with increased food costs being hard to overcome. "One thing a non-profit organization doesn’t need are extra and unplanned costs!"

With SensorSimple they now have 24/7/365 temperature monitoring and will be notified by SMS and email for any problem, such as the freezer door popping open, allowing them to respond and take action to avoid food loss.

"Since we have been using the SensorSimple sensors and Cloud Monitoring Solution, it has allowed our Kitchen Manager and myself to check on the status of these refrigeration units, and to rest easy"
Our experience with the SensorSimple System has been excellent, and I would highly recommend it. " Christi Skibbins, Executive Director Meals on Wheels Yolo County

If you aren't familiar with your local Elderly Nutrition Program such as Meals on Wheels, please take a minute to check it out.  There is a need for volunteers in every community and I can assure you first hand, that while you are serving others, such as our seniors, it will be you who feels the greatest reward.  

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