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SensorSimple Upgrade at long time RI Customer

Jan 4, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Marketing Man

PFE-logoPet Food Express is one of the country's leading independent pet food and supply retailers.With 62 stores located throughout California. They strive to provide the highest quality pet foods and supplies at competitive prices along with personal and knowledgeable service to help take the best care of your pet. And a part of that care is making sure the food they serve stays fresh and wholesome. See how RI helps Pet Food Express with their goals below.

RI has been helping business owners eliminate food waste and loss due to refrigeration and freezer systems failure at supermarkets since for many years. With the current boom in fresh pet food, the new SensorSimple Cloud Monitoring solution from RI has been helping keep our furry friends safe as well.SS-DashSlice-400x600

“We have been using the Thermo-Simple gauges in our Pet Food Express stores for about a year. The gauges make it so simple for our stores to monitor the freezer temperatures while they are focused on serving our customers," commented Carol Horn Davis, Senior Manager of Construction, Pet Food Express.

Pet Food Express signed up early for the SensorSimple demo program and had their system up and running in minutes.  Using the SensorSimple TEMP wireless sensors with Cloud monitoring application, The Pet Food Express Team will be alerted to any problem when it happens 24/7/365.  Automated temperature reporting is another key feature helping Pet Food Express with historical records and compliance with the highest global temperature documentation standards.


"I am thrilled to be now adding SensorSimple freezer monitoring! We can see how our store freezers are performing in real time," she continued. "We are able to react to temperature alarms immediately to protect our product and our customers. These gauges are easy to install, use and read -  another simple and effective solution from RI!”

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