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SensorSimple and a "Plethora of possibilities" part 2

Jan 25, 2019 2:48:48 PM / by RI Guy

SensorSimple sensors and our robust Cloud monitoring solution can be used in so many different ways.  As we touched on earlier the most obvious use is remote temperature monitoring but SensorSimple can be used for more than just temperature. 

We are creating a number of different wireless sensors from Pressure, Humidity, Water or Ice, digital input, and many others.  These will be made available throughout 2019 and beyond.  Ultimately if there is a need for a new type of sensor, we are interested in building it!

Let's delve into a few ways these new sensors will be used.  In refrigeration, our PSI sensor which includes one transducer and one digital temperature sensor can be used to monitor rack suction pressure and temperature including "superheat".  This information can be used to help troubleshoot complex oil failure issues, or alert before low superheat leads to oil failures or even worse scrambled compressors.

For refrigeration technicians, SensorSimple TEMP and PSI sensors can be used for Cloud based data logging.  Install in a troublesome location and view your data from anywhere in real time, set up alerts and even 24hr reports that can be emailed and stored in the Cloud.

Humidity can be problematic when it is too high or low for a wide variety of applications.  The new SensorSimple Humidity sensor can be used to monitor humidity in warehouse facilities where lower humidity is required for products and packaging.  Refrigeration environments such as food production and storage as well.  And humidity in agricultural facilities is critical in order to yield the best crops.  Monitoring and alerts for humidity levels has never been easier thanks to SensorSimple.  Plus automated 24hr humidity reports can be emailed and stored in the cloud.

Monitoring with the new H2O sensor can be used for alerting when water is detected where it shouldn't be to help mitigate damage.  If you have a remote cabin you may want to be notified that a pipe has froze and burst, or maybe there is a place in a grocery store you want be notified when there is a leak that could lead to a slip incident.  Or maybe you have an upstairs washroom and would like to receive a text or voice alert if a leak occurs.

If there is a sensor we don't yet offer please leave us a comment and we will contact you to learn more about your application and let you know if/when we can make it available.  While we have thought of many different applications, no doubt there is a "plethora" of sensor uses we haven't thought of yet!  

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