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High Fives, Handshakes and Hugs....

Jun 14, 2018 9:28:00 AM / by RI Guy

Monday to Friday the team at RI is developing, building, testing and shipping products.  We take pride in our work and all share a sense of fulfillment each time we see one of our products in action as we shop our local markets.  While this sense of accomplishment is rewarding, it can't compare to what we have experienced recently while volunteering in our community.

Building a Box Maze

Lincoln Christian Academy is a local K-8 school that we have been volunteering at for the last few years.  The RI production team has incredible talent in building and designing products so when we were asked to help create and assemble the Schools Fun Day Box Maze we were more than eager to help out.  The first maze was a hit with the kids and we have been building them every year since.  This years maze had 3 dead ends, 2 trap doors and really was the best yet. Many times kids would go into the entrance and after a few minutes come out the same place thinking they made it!  The kids had a blast, however as much fun as the kids have its really the RI Team reaping the biggest benefit.  


Serving BBQ For Those Who Serve

Some of us at RI assemble a few times each year as Thermo-Simple BBQ Team in local competition BBQ events that support non profit groups such as Water for a Warrior  Supporting those who serve or have served in our military is very important to us.  This past weekend we were serving our BBQ Brisket and Pork to those who serve each and every week at a local church, Bayside Blue Oaks.  As a member of the Blue Oaks "Road Warrior" crew I get to see first hand how much effort goes into a weekend of church services.  We smoked 7 prime grade briskets and 4 pork shoulders and partnered up with local caterer Ingram Eatz to provide the best mac-n-cheese, coleslaw and fruit salad I have ever tasted.  We were thanked and complimented by each and every one of the three hundred volunteers and staff.  Its my hope to make this an annual event for them.

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The Reward

The RI team is not just impacting those who we are serving, in fact there is a far greater impact on each of us.  We get filled with a greater sense of accomplishment that simply can't be measured.  As a team there is a bond that is galvanized more with each experience.  Our energy and enthusiasm is elevated and sustained for days and weeks.  The memories are full of joy and will last a lifetime.  It's been said that "it is far better to give than to receive".  It is really hard to measure the reward of countless handshakes, high fives, thank you's and hugs.  I think they are best experienced rather than explained.  

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